UPVC Combination Windows

UPVC Combination Windows

Providing you the best range of upvc combination window-sliding and upvc casement combination with effective & timely delivery.

The UPVC combination windows are so popular choice for the customers who want some ventilation in their large living ,dining room or even master bedrooms. we are also a great option for providing an opening without obstructing the view as well as to prevent the potential break ins. It is kind of replacement in quite common which is under the conditions. We can require with more attention in a singular window replacement.

UPVC Combination Windows is combination of casement, sliding, and fixed window or two windows of same or different types. These can be made available in a variety of sizes and designs as per your need. A wide variety of design and combination possibilities for your every specific need are available with our expert guidance.

Window Corporation UPVC Combination windows give your home a complete transformation in looks and in style. Combination windows are steel reinforced for added strength.Combination windows allow light and fresh air along with proper ventilation.

Features & Benefits


Allows light and air with proper ventilation


Can be with any shape, style or size


Designed mainly for more natural lighting and energy efficiency


Steel reinforced frames make the windows strong


Provides Protection against insects


Excellent look and long last durability


Air-tight seals to keep out noise, dust, heat and pollution

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For those who want some venation in their large living ,dining room or even master bedrooms.

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